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5 Axis Machines

Over fifteen years ago, Hurco made 5-axis a priority-both the engineering of the machine and the development of the control technology, we determined that the transition to 5-sided machining would be the most efficient way for our customers to instantly increase their profit margins. Similar to the transition from manual machining to CNC machining, the transition to 5-sided machining will dictate your future success.


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Slant Bed and Y axis Lathes

We have a turning center to fit your application needs and your budget—whether you own a small job shop, you're a tier one supplier, you supervise a tool room at a large company, or you’re a startup pursuing a dream. All of our turning centers are slant-bed lathes and designed for speed and manufacturing flexibility to support a wide range of applications. We have both performance CNC turning centers and general purpose CNC turning centers in addition to mill turn lathes.

Due to Hurco’s culture of innovation and fiscal discipline, we have been able to invest in the expansion of our turning center line. All of our turning centers are equipped with the world’s most powerful control. If you don’t have a Hurco lathe on your shop floor, give us another look. We have a lathe that will make your operation more productive and profitable. 




VMX Series Machines

Our signature line of VMX machining centers takes CNC machining to the next level. These machines deliver high-precision capabilities to any machining application. Whether you are doing batch production, one-off’s, or die/mold work, the VMXi CNC mills will make you more productive and your machine shop more profitable.


The VMXi Series has CNC machines with travels that range from 24 x 20 to 84 x 34. The majority of the VMXi Series CNC mills have 12K Big Plus 40-taper spindles, but we also offer Big Plus CAT 50 spindle options for VMX machines X-axis travel of 50 and larger. For increased performance, Hurco added the VMXDi models of CNC machines that feature a direct-drive spindle. The VMXDi models include the VMX24i (24 x 20), the VMX30Di, (30 x 20), the VMX42Di (42 x 24).


(972) 313-1987

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